Unleash Your Innate Potential to Succeed

I have been waiting all my life to help you Unleash Your Unlimited Potential™! 

I believe that we’re each born with a purpose in life. That’s why I have spent most of my career helping people move from dissatisfaction to satisfaction; from disengaged to engaged, and from complacent to motivated, energized and active. 

Why have you come? What is it that you’re striving for in life? Are you exploring all of life’s possibilities, or are there voids you’re struggling to fill? 

Every person has the capability to excel when they are inspired, when they manage their time effectively, and when they fully explore their gifts and talents. My company helps make it possible for you to be your best person by building you in each of these areas. There’s a whole world out there waiting for you to take your place in life. How will you respond to the call? 

The Urgency is Now, so let’s get started. I’ve made it easy for you to connect with me. And remember that I know what it means to strive, and so you and I will get there. Together. 

Eric M. Twiggs
Chief Visionary and Motivational Speaker


The 30 Minute Hour Podcast


Listen to Eric’s 30-Minute Hour podcast.

"Eric has the energy, enthusiasm and excitement any business needs today to be truly successful. His ability to communicate at all levels is very strong. I love his passion for people and attention to driving success through team building."

 Dan King, Former Divisional Vice President, Pepboys Belair, MD