One Step to Stop Procrastination

“Great people are inspired by the hope of success instead of a fear of failure.”

Why do you procrastinate? The root cause for most people is fear. Fear of failure, fear of success, and fear of the unknown are the most common root causes of delay. I once had a client who demonstrated these fears whenever we would speak. 

I would suggest that she hire on additional staff to support her growing business, and she would remind me of state of the economy. I would encourage her to attend an out-of-town business convention, and she would mention the risk of airplane travel. I told her to raise her prices, and she told me how her customers were impacted by the unemployment rate. 

Her fear was causing her to procrastinate. Where was this fear coming from? 

If you implement the following step, you can overcome the fears that lead to procrastination. 

Stop Watching the News 
My client began each day by watching the morning news. She got a steady diet of everything that is wrong with the world. Imagine if every morning you participated on a one hour conference call on the topics of bankruptcy, unemployment, poverty and foreclosures. How would that impact your mood? 

Watching the morning news is the equivalent of participating on a bad news conference call every day. 

Negativity and controversy is what sells, so the news media has a motivation to present this to you. Negativity is what moves the needle. For example, I have a speaker friend who hosted a morning radio show. His topics were very inspiring an uplifting. He would ask his listeners to call in, but received very few calls. 

One particular day he tried an experiment. He changed his format by discussing very edgy and controversial topics. He deliberately adopted a negative focus. His phone lines lit up like never before. His program was flooded with phone calls. 

There is a strong demand for negative information, so the media outlets stay in business by delivering bad news. 

Change Your Diet
It’s a proven fact that a change in direction requires a change in diet. If you are moving in the direction of physical health, maintaining the same junk food diet you always had would be counter productive. 

The same holds true for your mental diet. As you move in the direction of your goals, a consistent menu of fear and failure will cause you to procrastinate. 

I believe that the best way to break a bad habit is to replace it with a better one. During the time that you would normally watch the news, watch an inspirational program or video instead. Read a book or listen to an audio program that inspires you. 

I invite you to take the following Twiggs Challenge: For the next 30 days, commit to the habit of NOT watching the news. At the end of the 30-day period, feel free to email me at to update me on how you feel. 

Eric M. Twiggs
Your Procrastination Prevention Partner 

Motivational Message: What Drives You?

This week I share a short video that will inspire you to find your true purpose and passion in life. Time is best spent doing what you love. 


Eric Twiggs
Your Procrastination Prevention Partner

PS. My ebook, One Moment in Time, will help you find and focus on your passions. It's is now available for download on my website. 

One Moment In Time

“Give Me One moment in time, when I am more than I thought I could be, and all of my dreams are a heartbeat away and the answers are all up to me.”

Those are the words of one of my favorite songs by the late Whitney Houston. They remind of the following conversation between my friend Donell and I back from my college days:

“Donell, what do you plan to do when you graduate?" 

"Eric, my dream is to be an officer in the Marine Corp and to marry my girlfriend. What about you?" 

"I don’t know. I do know this; I am going to the frat party on Friday night." 

"Eric, you really need to get serious." 

"You're right but the good news is that we are still young and we both have plenty of time to figure it out."

Several weeks later I received a call from Donnel’s mother telling me that he had been killed in a car accident. In the midst of my tears and sorrow, I heard a voice that said, "Eric you don’t have as much time as you think.” 

Time is our most valuable resource. Think about it, you can lose all of your money and recover it tenfold, but once you lose time you never get it back. Today, you will learn a tip that will help you to maximize your time, minimize your stress, and be prepared for your defining moment. 

Be Positioned 
When I refer to being positioned, I mean to be positioned in your passion. A recent Gallup survey concluded that 70% of Americans hate their jobs. In other words, most people spend most of their time, to doing something they hate to do. For many years I was a part of that 70% number. On the outside, I was a young, BMW driving executive of a fortune 500 company. On the inside, I dreaded going into work every day. I was so unhappy; I was ready to quit my job without having a backup plan. Everything came to head one day as I was talking to my father about my situation.

“Dad, I am about to quit my job to find something else. I am coming over to work on my resignation letter." 

"Eric, what is your next move?" 

"I don’t know, but maybe quitting will give me the time to find out." 

"Son, moving back home with your Mom and I is not an option for you so before you quit, ask your self the following questions: 1. What are you passionate about? 2. What does success mean to you? 3. If you could make a difference for anyone or any cause, what would that difference be?"

After talking with my Dad, I decided not to quit. Several weeks later, my company offered me a corporate training position which introduced me to my passion of public speaking. This experience taught me that when you get clear on your vision, you will find your passion. 

Once you have indentified your passion, you have taken one step towards being ready for your defining moment. Next week I will share the next step so stay tuned! 

Eric M. Twiggs
Your Procrastination Prevention Partner

PS. If you would like additional information on how to position yourself in your passion, read my latest ebook