The Discipline of NOW

Tired of getting "one size fits all" answers to your questions about overcoming procrastination? You'll be inspired to maximize your time, minimize your stress, and break the habit of procrastination so that you operate in your divine calling!

The Discipline of Now, teaches proven, practical principles to apply based on your personality type. You will walk away with specific tools for success that are tailor made for you. Eric M. Twiggs delivers the message in a manner that will inspire you to maximize your time, minimize your stress, and to break the procrastination habit so that you accomplish your goals and achieve your dream.


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What People Are Saying!

Makes An Immediate Impact

I met Eric Twiggs at a event that I went to in Clinton, MD.  I had a chanceto speak with him about his book and I was so impressed.  I asked him to come to one of my Turn Your Dream Into Reality Home Buyer Workshop as one of the speakers.
The people that attended the event were able to purchase Mr. Twiggs book, listen to him speak and make the next step.
The next day I had the following happen after my event.

  1. I was able to find a rental for one client
  2. I had two clients complete the loan application to start the process of purchasing a home

I was so impressed with Mr. Twiggs presentation that I asked him to partner with me to speak at all of my Turn Your Dream Into Reality Home Buyer Workshops
If you have not purchased his book, I would say you're missing out on a very good read.


- Angela Gillum Bowman, Realtor at Taylor Properties, on The Discipline Of Now and Eric's Motivational Speaking,7/9/17


A Gift to Self (5 stars)

Eric Twiggs did an astounding job on this masterful work of life transformation.  I read "The DIscipline of Now: 12 Practical Principles To Overcome Procrastination" not because I felt I needed it, but I eventually learned, yes, I did need it.  Eric's writing style demands you act on NOW or just forget everything.  I really enjoyed this book mainly because it is practical and you immediately learn you can be so much better.  Thank you for having the heart and mind to reach out to others.  This is an excellent and must read for everybody wanting more of themselves.  So glad I read it!

- Linda Diane Wattley, reviewed The Discipline of Now via, 7/8/17



Eric Twiggs’ THE DISCIPLINE OF NOW has so much going for it. To begin with, the writing is brilliantly and compellingly readable. It’s genuinely difficult to put down. The ideas in it are, for me, new and exciting and usable. I love this book. I love how, like a medical researcher, Twiggs diagnosis the problem and then offers a cure.

- Mitzi in Maryland reviewed The Discipline Of Now via, 6/29/17


This book was a great primer for me (5 stars)

This book was a great primer for me, not just to understand procrastination better, but the true costs of putting things off. I love that it's interactive and moved me to action right away! It's an easy to read and understand road map that's really reminded me why I don't want to put things off any longer. If you suffer from the dreaded 'P' word like many of us do, buy this book for some practical and helpful steps that you can start to take right away to slay procrastination. Thanks Eric for such an effective tool!!

- Linda Stephens-Jones, reviewed The Discipline of Now via, 6/29/17