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What People are Saying About The Discipline of Now

Life Transforming Insights

I had the golden opportunity to participate in an extremely enriching and thought provoking seminar entitled "Beat Procrastination Now".  Eric provided deep insight into the roots of procrastination and shared on 12 principles one can use to overcome procrastination. Trust me, everyone in the world needs to be exposed to Eric's teaching and book. They are life transforming and can bring forth personal and professional growth!

- Dr Ken Ballard on Eric's motivational speaking at Mount Zion Baptist Church in Arlington VA


Makes An Immediate Impact

I met Eric Twiggs at a event that I went to in Clinton, MD.  I had a chanceto speak with him about his book and I was so impressed.  I asked him to come to one of my Turn Your Dream Into Reality Home Buyer Workshop as one of the speakers.
The people that attended the event were able to purchase Mr. Twiggs book, listen to him speak and make the next step.
The next day I had the following happen after my event.

  1. I was able to find a rental for one client

  2. I had two clients complete the loan application to start the process of purchasing a home

I was so impressed with Mr. Twiggs presentation that I asked him to partner with me to speak at all of my Turn Your Dream Into Reality Home Buyer Workshops
If you have not purchased his book, I would say you're missing out on a very good read.


- Angela Gillum Bowman, Realtor at Taylor Properties, on The Discipline Of Now and Eric's Motivational Speaking,7/9/17


A Gift to Self (5 stars)

Eric Twiggs did an astounding job on this masterful work of life transformation.  I read "The DIscipline of Now: 12 Practical Principles To Overcome Procrastination" not because I felt I needed it, but I eventually learned, yes, I did need it.  Eric's writing style demands you act on NOW or just forget everything.  I really enjoyed this book mainly because it is practical and you immediately learn you can be so much better.  Thank you for having the heart and mind to reach out to others.  This is an excellent and must read for everybody wanting more of themselves.  So glad I read it!

- Linda Diane Wattley, reviewed The Discipline of Now via, 7/8/17



Eric Twiggs’ THE DISCIPLINE OF NOW has so much going for it. To begin with, the writing is brilliantly and compellingly readable. It’s genuinely difficult to put down. The ideas in it are, for me, new and exciting and usable. I love this book. I love how, like a medical researcher, Twiggs diagnosis the problem and then offers a cure.

- Mitzi in Maryland reviewed The Discipline Of Now via, 6/29/17


This book was a great primer for me (5 stars)

This book was a great primer for me, not just to understand procrastination better, but the true costs of putting things off. I love that it's interactive and moved me to action right away! It's an easy to read and understand road map that's really reminded me why I don't want to put things off any longer. If you suffer from the dreaded 'P' word like many of us do, buy this book for some practical and helpful steps that you can start to take right away to slay procrastination. Thanks Eric for such an effective tool!!

- Linda Stephens-Jones, reviewed The Discipline of Now via, 6/29/17

What People are Saying About Eric M. Twiggs

After hearing Eric speak, what stayed with me was him saying, 'Don't let perfection get in the way of progress.' I then realized I was stuck because I wanted the perfect hour of morning exercise, but I was not doing anything. So, I decided to do SOMETHING and progress. Now I get on the treadmill at 5:30 am and follow-up with 100 sit-ups for 30 mins. It is not perfection, but it is progress.

- Donna Warren, Human Resource Manager

Brother Eric Twiggs was the keynote speaker for the opening session of our Third District Conference.  I was both inspired and challenged by his presentation and at the conclusion of his remarks I felt challenged to do more for Omega.  If you are looking for a speaker who can address serious issues in a profound manner through a most practical mix of intellect, wit and humor Eric isyour first choice!

I look forward to him presenting to the Brotherhood assembled at the "Grand Conclave".

- Curtis Baylor, Former Grand Keeper of the Records and Seal, Men of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc., MD

“Eric has the energy, enthusiasm and excitement any business needs today to be truly successful. His ability to communicate at all levels is very strong. I love his passion for people and attention to driving success through team building. I feel Eric would be an asset to any organization.”

- Dan King, Former Divisional Vice President, Pepboys, Belair, MD


Naturally, [Eric] was early for the engagement and well prepared. Eric spoke about the importance of time management. His speech included three important points, it was interactive, and included an opportunity for questions and answers . . . I highly recommend you consider hiring Eric as a speaker. He'll inspire your group with his professionalism, great grasp of content, and overall wonderful presentation skills.

- Akia Garnett, Adjunct Professor, Trinity Washington University

The quality of your speaker can reflect well or poorly on the organization sponsoring the event. It is for this reason that I spend a great deal of time considering who I will hire . . . [Eric] made a positive impression on our federal clients . . . I found Eric to be not only gifted in his craft, but professional and extremely committed to meeting my expectations. 

Eric [arrived early, so not only] was our group . . . riveted by the content of his presentation, he was able to connect with them right away because he had already spoken to many of them . . . [They rated him] highly . . . and made comments such as 'keep the motivational speaker', 'motivational speaker was a good addition', 'loved Eric's energy', 'really liked the information' . . . seminar attendees walked away with techniques that will enable them to take control of their time and reduce their stress. . . . I would highly recommend Eric to any organization looking for a dynamic, energetic speaker!

- Gayle Nelson, Account Executive, Local and Overseas Agencies Federal Employee Program, CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield

Eric is one of those rare speakers who can wrap his message in wisdom, humor, and a process that will take your audience to the next level. An investment in Eric is money well spent.

- Ed Tate, Toastmasters World Champion of Public Speaking, Certified Speaking Professional

"Eric Twiggs presented a wonderful webinar . . . to my clients. Many of my clients have had difficulty with time management and the message he delivered was very informative. After that webinar, clients [thanked] me for providing . . . that experience and the knowledge they needed to become more successful with time management. During the planning process, Mr. Twiggs was tactful and professional at meeting my needs for this project. I honestly could not have accomplished this without him."

- Danielle W. Hairston, Founder & CEO, Daily Task Takers, LLC 

"Eric delivered a 30-minute keynote speech for the 344 Brothers of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Inc that attended the 81st Third District Conference. After hearing Eric speak, the Brothers felt inspired and empowered to do better since they knew better. His remarks brought us in to focus for the purpose of moving forward. His words were inspiring and he blessed us all by addressing the current culture in a practical manner."

- Robert Warren, Esq. Third District Representative, Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Inc.