One Moment in Time: Preparing for Your Defining Moment


One Moment in Time: Preparing for Your Defining Moment


The World’s Richest Billionaires Can’t Even Buy the One Thing You Need to Live a Fulfilled Life


Have you dreamt of , , , ?

  • Making more money and doubling your client base.
  • Breaking your procrastination habit.
  • Getting your email inbox under control.
  • Having more time and feeling less stress.
  • Creating a life that’s balanced between family and career.

Each of these goals is in your grasp if you learn to effectively manage your time.

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I decided to create a guide to address the most important resource in achieving financial independence, business success and happiness in life. This guide was designed to teach you the principles of effective time management.

Time can’t be replaced.
Time can’t be purchased.
Time can’t be controlled by any man.

But learning to manage the time you do have will change your entire life experience. Effective time management is the key to accomplishing your goals, having time to follow your passions, and most of all, being prepared for the opportunities that would have otherwise passed you by.

The eBook, One Moment in Time, introduces you to the skills you need to be proactive in your life, in tune to your passions and prepared to face your destiny Will you be ready for your life’s definitive moment?