Gifts & Talents

What are you able to do naturally? Are you a mathematician in hiding? Can you sing well? Are you a builder, a pianist, or a shining artisan? Are you a writer who has an amazing way with words? What is your gift, and are you using it? 

The world’s a stage where every person has a chance to audition, but they must first know where they shine. Chances are, if you’re operating in something you do not have a gift for, you’re more likely to be complacent, dissatisfied and frustrated. This is one of the reasons why Eric Twiggs helps people find the courage to both identify and increase proficiency in their area of gifting.

Ask yourself these three very important questions:

  1. Am I aware of what my gifts and talents are?
  2. Am I walking in them?
  3. Am I sharing them throughout my community and the world?

Similar to gifts, talents are skills and trainings that we cultivate over time. Most times, our talents are extensions of our gifts, which is why we’re able to excel in them. However, our talents may not always fulfill us if we don’t take the time to create the connections between them, our gifts, and our ultimate life calling. Eric’s motivational teachings move people from the understanding of how to identify their gifts and talents, to skill maximization. He helps people understand how to open their gifts and talents to use them.


. . . [Eric's] speech included three important points, it was interactive, and included an opportunity for questions and answers, which was quite popular. I highly recommend you consider hiring Eric as a speaker. He'll inspire your group with his professionalism, great grasp of content, and overall wonderful presentation skills.

- Akia Garnett. Adjunct Professor, Trinity University

Speaking Topics for Gifts and Talents include:

  • Unleash Your Innate Potential to Succeed in Life™
  • Discovering, Acknowledging and Operating in Your Gifts and Talents
  • Gifts Are Natural; Talents Are Cultivated
  • You’ve Got Something to Gift to the World
  • There’s No Talent Like a Wasted One
  • Open Your Gift and Use It

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