There’s a reason why everyone moves at different paces, and produces at different levels. That reason is inspiration. Through storytelling, motivating concepts, workshops, seminars, tips and strategies, Eric Twiggs helps people draw from their internal reservoir of inspiration by first helping them fill it. Eric helps people take consistent action that is in alignment with their life’s calling. He helps people to become deliberate in movement to take them from where they are in a way that encourages trust in a future that is less challenging than what they are facing today. 

His techniques help people understand how to operate in full faith daily and without force or internal conflict. Eric helps individual and corporate leaders move from the challenges of today and become more equipped to overcome undesirable sets of circumstances through consistent action and hard work.

Speaking topics include:

  • The Power Within
  • Bouncing Back From Your Setbacks
  • Stay True to Your Vision – Keep Moving in Your Mission
  • Missing the Mark/Losing Sight of Your Goals

Eric’s 12 Inspiration Points for Every Day Living™ is a daily reminder to keep the inspiration consistently in flow. 

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"After hearing Eric speak, what stayed with me was him saying, 'Don't let perfection get in the way of progress.' I then realized I was stuck because I wanted the perfect hour of morning exercise, but I was not doing anything. So, I decided to do SOMETHING and progress. Now I get on the treadmill at 5:30 am and follow-up with 100 sit-ups for 30 minutes. It is not perfection, but it is progress."

- Donna Warren. Human Resource Manager